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Welcome to St. Paul's

A common sign for the Episcopal Church is "The Episcopal Church welcomes you" - and it does. It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done, or where you come from. The Episcopal Church welcomes you.

imageAll of us here at St. Paul's Cathedral are different. We are different in terms of our theology, politics, finances, educational levels and families. But we are all welcome here; and not only welcome but necessary, because it is only together that we can be the Body of Christ in all its fulness.

The cathedral building itself is known, among other things, for its glorious stained glass windows. In looking at the windows, it's clear that each one is made up of different shapes, colors and sizes of glass; yet together those very different pieces create a work of art through which the light streams in to illumine a dark church. So, too, God has brought together all the different people at St. Paul's to create a work of God's own art: to create a community through whom the light of Christ shines and illumines each of us and, by God's grace, all those with whom we come in contact. For in our central act of worship together, the Holy Eucharist, we understand that bread and wine are not the only things transformed; so are we. Bread and wine are not the only vehicles of Christ's presence; so are we. Bread and wine are not the only channels of God's grace; so are we. In being part of the worshiping community here at St. Paul's, we participate in the mystery of God's presence among us, in us and through us - in all our infinite variety.

A wandering Celtic saint, Columbarius, in an argument with a Roman bishop in Gaul, once said, "Let Gaul contain us side by side, as the Kingdom of Heaven shall contain us." Perhaps that is one of the reasons the Episcopal Church not only welcomes variety among its members but celebrates it: so that the Church can contain us side by side, as the Kingdom of Heaven shall contain us.

The Very Rev. N. DeLiza Spangler



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